Athletic Massage

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, athletic massage benefits physically active people of all ages and skill levels, no matter what your chosen sport may be.

Athletic massage is used for pre-event preparation and post-event recovery of the muscles. Stimulating, percussive and abrupt strokes are used as well as PNF stretching.  This form of deep tissue massage can often be credited to helping those who are physically active increase performance and recover more quickly from competition, training and injury.

Athletic massage is available in thirty, sixty and ninety minute durations:

A thirty minute session is adequate if you want only one or two specific areas addressed;

A sixty minute session allows for a full-body massage including time to address specific areas more thoroughly;

A ninety minute session is the ultimate choice if you want a full-body massage and also have specific areas that require more than just a few extra minutes of attention.


Gift certificates are available for any of our services or for any dollar amount toward services. Please call us in advance to arrange for the purchase and pick-up of gift certificates.