Trigger Point Release

Trigger point release is firm, sustained pressure to a specific point within the muscle.

A trigger point is a very localized spasm within a muscle and is often identified as a “bump” or “ropey” feeling in the muscle tissue.  While the pain and discomfort caused by trigger points can remain localized, these spasms are capable of referring patterns of pain to other areas of the body which can result in restriction of movement, nerve tingling, numbness, headaches and general body aches.

The therapist may use thumbs, knuckles, elbows and special hand-held tools in order to apply adequate pressure to facilitate a release of the trigger point.  This is a very deep style of bodywork and can feel quite intense since pressure is focused on a small area.  This is one form of bodywork where “no pain, no gain” truly applies.  Our therapists realize that everyone has a threshold for discomfort that varies widely from client to client.  We will work within your comfort zone to help you achieve the highest possible level of pain relief.

Trigger point therapy may be performed as a stand-alone service; however our practice often incorporates it automatically into our Deep Tissue massage.


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